Kailani Ice Tea


Where does the idea of creating TrendMap come from?

We saw the urge to collaborate actively and to put in light the creative background of Barcelona, promoting the local consumption, slow life and gastronomic creativity. Our main objective is to generate consumption consciousness.

We thought that the Barcelona that was being shown was very topical, and no one was connecting all these creative shops and restaurants on any 360º platform, combining offline and online under a very strict selection and more than anything, coherent between themselves.

Moreover, we wanted to maintain a traditional format which is the paper, as we come from a nostalgic generation that is interested in the “analogic” formats.

We wanted to put a light on our work and create a “desired object”. This is complicated to perceive in the cloud; it is only tangible if you can hold it in your hands. We care about the image, and because of this we collaborate with illustrators from Barcelona every edition, and taking special attention to our graphic line.


How did you girls meet each other?

From the beginning until now, the initial team has changed. The actual TrendMap was the fruit of being all at the right place at the right time.

From the founders, Marcia Lennona is actually the one that is leading the project, together with new team made with only women and formed by:

Marcia Lennona, designer and fashion creative, Alba Ricart photograph and Tania Papiz, comig from Berlin that brings fresh ideas and a new vision on the project. We also collaborate with the girls from Ugly Studio as a graphic design studio.


What is the motto of TrendMap?



Your favourite Barcelona district?

Raval, because the three of us live there, we have our studio there and that was the district where the project was born.


What are the coolness criteria to enter in the TrendMap?

Each one of the establishments TrendMap has an added value, because of its image, design, product quality, local production, a creative offer, or an aesthetic sensitivity.


What are the main difficulties you had to face?

We are a small team with big responsibilities and sometimes we find really hard to get appreciation.

Attention to detail, building quality and maintaining our essence is not an easy task. The contact with each one of our clients is personalized and that make us spend long hours outside of the office. This is maybe the part the most sacrificed in our job.


In the future, TrendMap will get to other cities?

We hope that it will. Our idea is to consolidate ourselves in Barcelona, and to forge our own path to other European capital.


The best advice someone ever gave you?

Don’t worry, but get busy.


The last song that got stuck in your head?

Alba: Camarón de la Isla – Como En Agua

Tania: Kaytranada – Leave Me Alone

Marcia: El Último vecina – Mi Chulo


Now we’ll ask you some questions to get to know you better.


Beach or mountain?

Alba: Mountain

Tania: Beach

Marcia: Mountain


Early birds or nigt owls?

Early birds.


City or countryside?

Alba: Countryside

Tania: Countryside

Marcia: City


Alone or in a group?

In a group.


Culture, gastronomy or music?

All three in a festival.


Local or international?



Traditional or innovative?

Innovative with a touch of tradition


Black, green or white? Talking about Kailani of course 😉

Alba: Black

Tania: Green

Marcia: White.