Kailani Ice Tea

Bloomint Design

Caroline Jaussaud, Caroline Savin y Manu Bauzá are the three designers behind the interior design studio Bloomint Design, created in 2012. This international team do not hesitate to use their inspiration and talent to realize projects on the other side of the world to create unique designs. 

What is Bloomint? 

A studio of interior design with a Barcelona vision to the rest of the world. Even though we’re only reinventing ourselves, in the future it could be much more than that.

How did you guys meet each other? 

Caroline and Caroline are friends from college, Manu met them in Barcelona during a party and also from college.

How do your cultural differences influence your style?

It has an impact in the fact that every project has different perspectives and we are more demanding and critical facing our own ideas since every one of us has a different experience and culture.

Where does your inspiration come from? 

Each one of us has its own source of inspiration, but generally it comes from our experience and what we get to know. We love traveling and get in touch with everything that is different, that makes you feel awake and focused on what really matters.

What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?

Work is not everything, but it will occupy a lot of your time, so do something that you like.

Another one would be, “Jack of all trades, master of none”.

Apart from Barcelona, where would you like to live? 

Manu: Mallorca.

Caroline S: lately, Ibiza.

Caroline J: somewhere tropical.

Now we’ll ask you some quick question to get to know you better: 

Hot or cold?


Early birds or night owls?

Carolines: Night owls.

Manu: Early bird.

Miró or Picasso?


Old or modern?


Bright or pastel?


Paint or wallpaper?


Gaudi or Gaudi?


Functional or esthetic?



Black, green or white? Talking about Kailani obviously 😉

Carolines: white.

Manu: green.